Monday, April 25, 2011

Some updates

I realize that I'm getting increasingly worse at posting reviews every month, that's got a lot to do with my class load this semester. I wanted to just give some stuff on the future of the blog.
First of all. I'm now doing reviews over at Black Wind Metal (
This is where the bulk of my metal reviews will be going.

Second of all, this does not mean I have any plans on closing this blog. In fact, I want to get to 3 posts a week in May, the content however, is going to focus on Stoner Rock, some Prog rock, and my continuing quest to have an archive of reviews for every Buckethead solo album, and eventually every album released with his various bands and guest appearances. I fully intend on having at least 75% of Buckethead's solo albums (If not 100%) reviewed by the end of the summer. I will also be working on complete review archives for Kyuss, Sleep, and as many associated bands as I can get my hands on. I'll probably work through Kyuss, then sleep.

As always, I'll review anything anyone asks me to, so if you have something you'd like to see reviewed, or a lesser known artist you'd like to see get some promotion (What little viewership I have), I'd be happy to review it.

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